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  • How to top up your Combi Boilers Pressure

    When do I know to top up? Pressure gauge’s black needle is in the red and or at zero. Boiler displaying a low pressure fault code, or possibly overheating codes. Rushing water noises in your system. How do I top up my combi boiler? Before you take any actions you first should feel comfortable...
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  • 6 Common Combi Boiler Error Codes

    If your boiler starts displaying an error code, but it's not serious enough to call out an engineer, what do you do? All combi boilers display error codes differently, so depending on your model, the error code itself will vary. But, there are certain things you can do to your boiler and get it...
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  • 7 Safety Tips for a Central Heating

    These are a few safety tips that Firstcall think you should know how to properly maintain your boiler and make sure it is always working safely. Firstcall always advises Its customer the importance of keep your boiler running at its best, and not causing any safety issues; whatever the age of your...
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  • 5 Combi Boiler Myths BUSTED

    If you are looking to get a new combi boiler installed but you are getting put off by all of the myths behind a combi condensing boiler then hopefully Firstcall can put your mind to rest. There are many myths behind getting a new combi boiler installed in your property each more blizzard than the...
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  • Finding the best new boiler made easier with Firstcall Home Assist

    Finding the best new boiler that is just right for you to make the Scottish freeze slightly less unbearable is made easier with Firstcall Home Assist. Boiler on the blink? Look no further as a step by step guide on how to find the right boiler for you is unveiled. Still stuck with an ugly old...
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