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Green Deal for Landlords

Landlords in Scotland can make huge savings on improvements to their properties through the energy-saving government scheme, Green Deal. Designed to cut carbon emissions from homes across the UK, the initiative is offering loans on home improvements with no upfront costs. New boilers, central heating, glazing, insulation, and more are covered by monthly energy savings from your tenant’s electricity bill.

Firstcall Home Assist is a Green Deal Accredited  Advisory Service, with directly-employed Green Deal Assessors and Installers, helping landlords to make the most of the Green Deal opportunity. The scheme offers you the chance to increase your property value and meet legal requirements, without having to pay an arm and a leg.

How does Green Deal work for Landlords?

  • A Green Deal assessment determines what work on your property is covered by Green Deal
  • Your legally-required energy assessment is covered as part of the Green Deal assessment.
  • Green Deal repayments are made by the electricity-bill payer
  • The Golden Rule – the Green Deal clause that states repayments should be less than savings to the energy bill
  • Landlords must have the consent of your tenant before undertaking any Green Deal work
  • This is not a personal loan – if you decide to sell your property, the loan is carried with it.

And.. there is more financial support available:

***HEEPS: Cashback Scheme Now Ended, No Further Vouchers Are Being Accepted by the Energy Saving Trust. If you have an accepted voucher from the Energy Saving Trust contact us today and get booked in for your Free Quotation.***

More information regarding funding announces on the 31st of March 2016.

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