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Cavity Insulation - Save £140 per year

Cavity Wall Insulation

For many homes built before the 1980's open cavities can be an expensive drain on energy efficiency. Cavity Wall insulation can get your bills down by £140 a year.

 Cavity Wall insulation is a quick and cost effective way to start saving money on your energy bills. If your home was built before the 1980’s, it is likely that you have walls with open cavities – a major source of heat loss for many buildings.

Swiga Insulation GuaranteeWhy Cavity Wall Insulation?

  • Save on average £140 per year
  • Cost effective form of insulation
  • Easy to install – can be completed in a matter of hours
  • Stop wasting energy
  • Be Greener - reduce your carbon emissions

How it works

Cavity Insulation DiagramMany homes built before the 1980’s have walls that were built with 2 layers of brick and a small gap in between. Air can act as insulation – as long as it is not moving. Unfortunately, the air that is in this brick wall cavity is not static, in fact it is transferring heat from inside your home to outside. This is a major issue for many homeowners in Glasgow, Edinburgh and around Scotland, who are living in properties constructed before more efficient building methods replaced the cavity wall. By filling in the cavity with insulation materials you restrict the movement of air, keep valuable heat inside your home, and reduce your energy costs. Simple.

Financing cavity wall insulation

Energy efficiency is a hot topic for the Government at the moment – carbon emission targets are high and they want as many homes as possible to get insulated in the next few years. There are a number of initiatives to help UK home owners have the work done without having to feel the pinch. These include Green Deal The Green Deal scheme is a UK-wide initiative that offers property owners, tenants and businesses the ability, to install energy efficiency measures at no upfront costs. The loan is against the property, not an individual, and is paid through the savings on its energy bills. There are 45 measures available under the scheme, including cavity wall insulation. 

ECO Affordable Warmth Affordable Warmth offers funding for new boilers and insulation measures, but unlike Green Deal it is not a loan scheme but a grant scheme. If you are eligible for funding under this scheme then your cavity wall insulation is free.

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