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External Wall Insulation - Save £490 per year

External Wall Insulation

Solid walls lose heat. but you can reduce bills and save energy with external wall insulation.

Almost half of the heat lost from your home is escaping via your walls. If you have solid walls, Firstcall can provide external wall insulation.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce your energy bills by approximately £490 per year
  • Reduce carbon emissions from your home
  • Provides additional weather-proofing
  • Noise reduction
  • Adding value to your property
  • Can increase the attractiveness of a property

How does external wall insulation work?

External Wall Insulation DiagramExternal wall insulation does pretty much what it says on the tin. A layer of insulation material is attached to the walls using mechanical fixings and adhesive. This acts as a barrier to the heat that is lost from your walls. We coat this material in a protective layer. There are finishes to suit your taste;  pebble dash, masonry, tiled, etc.

On completion we replace any external wall features that have previously been removed. External wall insulation can be applied with minimal disruption.

How do I pay for external wall insulation?

There are many ways to finance it – having a warm home won’t break the bank.

Firstcall offers a range of Flexible Finance options for our customers. Every household is different. Our advisors help you work out the finance you require to pay for your insulation.  We offer flexible terms, 0% interest and buy now pay later credit.

Flexible Finance Available

LED Lamp Savings Calculator Link

The Green Deal scheme was launched in January by the Government to encourage homeowners to upgrade their energy efficiency ratings with no upfront cost. . The cost of the work carried out is covered by your future savings. from the insulation.

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