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Switch to LED Lighting

LED Light Bulbs

LED's can last for a staggering 50,000 hours. Once you replace your old bulbs and see the savings you won't go back.

LED light bulbs use 90% less energy and can save you 30% on your energy bills!

Benefits of Switching to LEDs

  • Energy Efficient: LED's use up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Cost Effective: Save up to 30% on your lighting energy costs.
  • Eco Friendly: A simple way to immediately start reducing your carbon emmissions
  • Durable & Safe: Less likely to break than traditional bulbs and don't contain mercury like CFL's
  • Cooler: LED lights give off less heat, making them especially better for more enclosed spaces

Bell Lighting - LED Lights

LEDs and Available Finance

If you are thinking of getting your whole property switched to LEDs then we can also offer finance including 0% interest and Buy now Pay Later arrangements dependent on your needs.

New Boiler - Nothing to pay for 6 months

Flexible Finance Available

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